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USA is a leader in quantity of cars registered in country. There are more than 200 000 000 cars in this country. So it is not a surprise that it`s market of used cars is very attractive for those, who is going to buy a car.
Many people outside USA faced with problem of choosing autodealer in US, because exporter usually is not allowed to buy on the auction by himself, only licensed auto dealers has right to take part in auctions (very often auto dealer is registered only on one auction). And here we come, our system choose auto dealer for you! Moreover it offer you possibility to place bids on auctions by yourself (even on live sales) like an auto dealer.

Our company was founded in 2003 and we worked on US car market as licensed auto dealer. We helped more than 20 000 people all over the world to buy their cars on US auctions. We are using a cutting edge information technologies and Internet Trading to buy, ship and monitor vehicles at any stage - from the source of sale to your destination. Our employees are experts in the automotive industry with many years of experience. Many of them have occupied leadership positions at major auto-motive companies.

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