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Our Services

Buying Vehicles

We provide our dealers with a unique opportunity of getting direct access to major US and Canadian auto-auctions with inventory exceeding 200,000 cars and trucks. You dont need mediators, now you can participate in live auto-auctions on your own. You also dont have to register at each auction. By registering on our website you will be able to buy directly from Manheim Simulcast, Insurance Auto Auctions I-bid LIVE, Adesa LiveBlock and Copart.


Our transportation experts will make shipment of your vehicles fast and seamless. We are shipping cars, trucks, and boats in containers and by Ro-Ro system basically to any port in the world.


We can also finance (credit) your purchases on quite favourable terms. We are able to finance your cars directly to the country of destination. You have to place only 20% deposit and we will buy and ship cars of your choice directly to a selected port. The final payment for the car should be done only at the end of transportation. This will allow you to increase working capital for your business.

Personal Support

We provide a complete support to each our dealer at any stage of bidding, buying and shipping your vehicles. We will do all the paperwork required to buy and export cars to your destination. Our staff are leading experts with many years of experience in automotive industry. Our technical support is available 24/7. Each our dealer has a personal manager who provides all needed help and support at any stage.

Become a partner?

Register here. Registration on our website is absolutely free.

After completing registration you will immediately get access to the Live Auto Auctions. In order to buy a car you will have to transfer a deposit to your account, which will allow you to bid on cars of your choice. Our service is not limited to Live Auto-Auctions. Using our database you will be able to find and buy a car from major dealers auctions ? Manheim OVE, Adesa DealerBlock and many others. In addition to that, if you found a car of your choice on any retail web-site like,, or any other, we also will be able to buy it for you from most auto-dealers in USA and Canada.